Know about our methodology

MGDIE is focused on student, not on program. All activities has as main goal to train the student to being able to face the development of a professional project. And all this training is embodied in the final project. From the first day of class, a mentor is assigned to each student to help them in the project development, and to teach how to use the different learned tools and techniques. Mentors relate knowledges, give ideas, lay down schedules and deadlines, limit or wide project's scopes, and finally evaluate the achieved goals and skills.

The main change with the introduction of information technologies into learning is the possibility to use at the same time different channels, information structures and activities, making possible an immersion of the student into the contents more intense than before. But is responsibility of teachers, specially in online learning, to use all channels coordinately and don't leave the student to choice the channel alone. MGDIE has tried to exploit this possibilities using the following channels:

  • Weekly online classroom, online broadcasted and fully recorded
  • Prerecorded sessions
  • Online live conferences
  • Multichannel tutorial activities (virtual conferences, shared desktops, chatting, instant messaging like Whatsapp, phone...)
  • Multimedia learning material
  • Free or guided use of several cloud platforms (private website, virtual campus, virtual IT laboratory and others)
  • In person final workshop
  • Learning communities

The use of cloud platforms and services, easyly upgradeable, allows an up to date use of technology and avoid any dependence of obsolete platforms. Modularity of contents allows to renew contents, teachers, tools and methodology faster like with a traditional program based on series of subjects. On demand sessions allow to answer to the latest news in IG market. When some subject arises, students could apply for a dedicated session, and the MGDIE team prepares a set of contents to work collaborative about this subject.

The IT laboratory goes far away from classical IT learning, providing the students with real licenses and environments where not only continue with post-sessions practices, but also practice and discover new features and develop experimental projects inside MGDIE learning communities.