MGDIE on the III International Seminar on Library and Information Science Education and Research (LIS-ER)

03/06/2015 16:24

Master’s Degree in Records and Information Management in Business (MGDIE) will be present in the III International Seminar on Library and Information Science Education and Research (LIS-ER), that will be held in the Faculty of Library and Information Science at the University of Barcelona from 4 to 5 June 2015, with the poster "MGDIE, a blended learning pio neer activity". See here the poster and abstract.



Master’s Degree in Records and Information Management in Business (MGDIE) of the University of Barcelona was born in 2011 aiming to cover a training gap existing between records and information management, process management and IT solutions (what today is called Information Governance), and to build bridges of knowledge between technology, organizational methods and use of information, and also between university and Consulting, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) market companies.

The first course, two years long, was the main attempt to experience with some innovative blended training techniques, and was designed as a attendance weekly classroom and a series of tutorial activities, online broadcasted and fully recorded, that was completed with specific and individual tutoring, always virtual. The success of this edition can be evaluated by the final master projects arising from it, and converted in real ECM and BPM projects in organizations like Banc de Sabadell, Oxfam Intermon, Médicos sin Fronteras, or the same University of Barcelona.

To open to spanish and latin-american market, second and third editions were designed as fully online. This allowed to receive students from several spanish-speaking countries and from a wider professional profiles, what becomes the most important factor for promotion and integration of records manager profile with other professionals like process analysts, data analysts and IT developpers.

Today, MGDIE offers a consolidate new model of virtual Master’s degree, based on concurrent and interactive sessions with teachers, prerecorded sessions and conferences, multichannel tutorial activities (virtual conferences, shared desktops, chatting, instant messaging like Whatsapp, phone...), preference for multimedia learning material, and integrated use of several cloud platforms (private website, virtual campus, virtual IT laboratory and others). The IT laboratory goes far away from classical IT learning, providing the students with real licenses and environments where not only continue with post-sessions practices, but also practice and discover new features and develop experimental projects inside MGDIE learning communities.

Since third edition, it is possible to course the full Master’s degree (four content modules and a final practical project), and also only some of the four modules, what offers the student the possibility to cover specific areas of his curriculum.