Module 2: Process management

Module 2: Process management


Learn to analyze, streamline and optimize work processes, increase the quality of its informational output, and after automate the overall process using Business Process Management technology (BPM)


Records management reaches its true potential of streamlining through automation of work processes, and are this processes which link records management with information systems in the context of a data oriented model.
This module enables the student, with an absolutely practical methodology, to be able to analyze and optimize work processes, and then model and implement it with a business process management system, using the main methodological references (ISO 26122, Lean & Six Sigma, APS, BPMN, etc..) and usual technology from the market  (XPDL, BPM, ERP, EAI, etc.). The contents of the module are:

  • Process mapping, analysis and optimizacion: phases and development
  • Process modeling for automation: phases and development
  • Standardization of documents and form development
  • Technologies for business process management
  • Process automation with BPM tools: phases and development
  • Data-based processes implementation an enterprise application integration
  • Records management and process management integration



20 credits.


Complete reengineering of a work process, modelization and implementation in BPM technology.

  • Expert (Degree Universitat Barcelona)
  • Complementary certification in Lean&Six Sigma (Yellow Belt).
  • Complementary certification in AuraPortal BPM practices.